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Radio Roku provides you with high quality Radio Stations from around the world that provide their programming on the internet. You can easily listen to any of the stations on your computer without even registering. You can rearrange the widgets to suit your personal taste and eliminate widgets that you don’t want to use by simply closing the title bar. Bring them back with the “Show All” link at the top right of the page.

Free registration allows you to remember you favorite stations, help the Roku community by improving the data we have about a station or adding your own favorite station to our database. You can even control and tune your Roku powered device to a station right from the web page.

A community forum to discuss or get help on Radio Roku topics is available. Also, see the FAQ for common questions and answers.

Help wanted
With your help, Roku would like to create the most accurate and reliable database of streaming radio stations in the world. Users, genre editors, and Roku staff will maintain and grow this database. We will use the thousands of SoundBridge devices around the world to monitor the reliability of streams offered on the Internet. Read below about the Volunteer widget and find out how you can help.

Each Roku widget is explained below:

Top Stations widget
Displays the most listened to stations based on genre, location or natively spoken language. Two drop-downs control the widget, one above the image allows you to change between genre, location and language. Below the graphic you may change the value, for example between the USA and UK. The very top stations are displayed right in the widget but you may go to a detailed view of all resulting stations at the bottom of the widget. Clicking on the Station itself will provide more information about the stations or allow you to play or set the station as one of your favorites.

Search Stations widget
Displays the results of a search of all Radio Stations from the site. Leaving the field blank will return all stations. The results are ordered by the most popular stations. Clicking “view all” will display all results. Every column in the detailed view can sort the results based on clicking the title of the column

Audio Browser widget
Displays alphabetized results based on name, genre, location and native language spoken.
It works similarly to the Top Stations widget.

Favorites widget
Allows you to remember your favorite stations. You will need to register and sign-in to change Favorites. Add or remove a Favorite by clicking on the station in any widget or results pages. If you connect a Roku powered device to your account, your Favorites are automatically synced to your devices. If you add a favorite on your device refresh the page and it will show up in this widget.

Volunteer Center widget
Please help use improve the database. We need users to “name stations” when all we have is the streaming URL. Listen to the stream for a while and when you identify the station please add the station name to the database. Fill in any missing information such as genre, location and native language spoken. Anyone that is registered can do this. After your entries are reviewed and approved by Genre editors they will show up live in the database. This can take a few days so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the results right away. We keep track of how everyone helps, so after your first edit the widget changes to show you your individual stats. Click the “Overall” button and see how you stack up with the rest of the Roku community!

Find Devices widget
We can automatically discover Roku-powered devices on the local network. If you are registered, you can use this widget to automatically discover and attach your device to your account. Once you have done this you can control the device right from the site, change presets, and update your favorites. It makes enjoying the variety of Radio stations from around the world a truly enjoyable experience.

SoundBridge widget (need to register, sign-in and discover)
This widget allows for control of as many Roku-powered devices as you attach to your account, using the discover widget. The device must be on the same local network as the computer you are using to access the site. Select the SoundBridge you wish to control from the dropdown (if you have more than one device) and control volume and pausing the stream from the widget. Simply change the station by dragging a new station and dropping it on the widget. You must be registered to use this widget. Cool!

Drag and Drop a station to the Favorites widget or on the SoundBridge widget to tune in that station. After registering and signing-in, go to “My Account”. Change the number of stations displayed in a widget by changing the “Preview” value. You can also change the number of stations that are displayed for every page with “Full View”.

Become a genre editor
We need volunteers to become Genre Editors for each of the genre’s in the database. This is a very important role and will require some diligence to ensure timely review of entries in the database. Please volunteer for this role only if you are willing to spend the time and effort to maintain the genre you choose. The Genre Editor will review all entries in the database contributed by users for that particular Genre. Many stations have more than one entry. The Genre Editor will choose which version will become the public entry in the database. Some stations have more than one genre, in that case, you would also cooperate with other Genre Editors. The final decision of who becomes a Genre Editor is solely that of Roku, and Roku may remove an Editor at any time for any reason.

Thank you for using Radio Roku your efforts are necessary and appreciated as we build the largest and most reliable service for Internet Radio on the planet!

The team at Roku